Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kitchen make over....

 Kitchen Make Over

We have lived in this house for 15 years and I was so so sick of ugly golden oak cabinetry and old 90's tiled tops. I had wanted to paint the cabinetry off white for years and add granite tops with a tile back splash but good old hubby was should  just like what you have. UUHHGGGG.... Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I don't I am so sick of it!! I hated the old dirty grout on the counter tops!!  It is out dated, old, tired, and I am sick of it and we need to up date. Well, he finally broke down and let me have my way. He is NOT such a handy type of person. So he knew I would be doing 90% of the work myself. 
This is not a job for you if you are in a hurry. This is very labor/time intense if you want it done right.

This kitchen has taken 1 full year and a week to get it to this point. Now, mind you there was the summer months that I did nothing in it.

I present to you our kitchen before the big make over.
(photos are not great) I would like to take a few photography classes. 
Everything always looks better in person than in my photos. 

A few years ago I did update all of the appliances from ugly white to black.   I am not a stainless steel type girl. It always has finger marks all over it and if you have a little bit of hardness in the water it is ugly. 


So what do ya think? I painted the walls and removed the wallpaper border. I took down the window boxes and recovered them. I did have to hire a granite team to come in and install the grante. But everything else I did myself with a tiny bit of help from hubby.  I got the beautiful travertine tile laid and grouted with an off white color. (Bone is the color I used) After I tiled I had the hardest time getting the electrical plates adjusted and back on. UUHHHGGG never had that problem when I have tiles before. Hubby came to the rescue!! Yay, he helped me get all of the figured out!

I now love my new black granite sink with the hand rubbed bronze faucet.

I removed ALL of the cabinets and sanded them down to raw wood. I then used a beautiful cabinet paint by Benjamin Moore.   It was like painting on silk!! Very hard shell after it dries. EASY to keep clean!! 
Oh now,  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the cabinet jewlery!! Yep that is what I call the handles and pulls. 
I picked some very nice hand rubbed bronze handles and drawer pulls. I also added some very pretty scroll wood work just under the sink to give it a little bit of a shabby look.

Okay one more Before picture from a different angle and then the same angle with the after shot.


Oh ,yes yes yes I also have a new/old table. But then that will be a show and tell for another day. 
As you can see I also took the fan down and replaced it with a light with white glass cups.

THANKS for stopping by today and taking a little pick into my world.
Have a great day!!
See you soon.


Daisychain said...

WOW!!! What a difference a bit of paint, imagination and hard work makes. So light and airy and very chic! I have certainly got 'kitchen envy'. Well done!

Hugs Christine

Jay said...

You did an amazing job, I see why it took over a year to do!!! Its has a much fresher feel to the room and seems larger than before too, because it is lighter!!! You should be very proud to have done ALL of those cupboard doors, must have been a labour of love! Such a beautiful result and entirely worth all the effort I am guessing!
Crafty Cuddles Jay xx

Christine Dol said...

Holy smokes this looks amazing. You did an absolutely amazing job. I give you so much credit!!!! What a difference. I love the white and the granite!!!!!!!! Every thing you touch turns to perfection!

Cheribella said...

What a beautiful job you did!!
Hard to tell it is the same room.
So airy and refreshing

Grenouille Greetings said...

Hey there PQ!!! I didn't know your blog was active again! But I was telling a friend about you and looked up the name of your blog and then saw you had posted not so long ago. Your kitchen looks FABULOUS! I'm tired of my golden wood cabinets too. Would you like to come and do mine? You did an amazing job! IMTAP, Janiel! Hugs, Lesley

Mandy said...

Hi Janny :)
I missed your last couple of posts on my feeds but thought I would pop over to see if you were still in the land of blog as I do miss your creations.
I absolutely love your kitchen make over, you did an amazing job.
So sorry to learn you can't enjoy your paper crafts anymore, that must have been so hard having to stop, you were always a huge source of inspiration that I am certain is missed by many.
Your quilting looks wonderful & they are even more special as you have created with your mum.
Take care & please keep continue to share what you create however it has been created
Mandy xxx

Sharon said...

Hi Janiel... It's been a few years, but thought I'd pop by to see if anyone is still crafting. Love the makeover. I prefer the white-washed look myself. Take care, hugs Sharon x