Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting real ............

Hi everyone......

I am sitting here at my desk wondering just where to start!!!
Can you see why??

I had been finishing up a few projects to share with you this week and my craft room looks like a craft bomb went off in here! I should have cleaned it up yesterday when I finished but I was so tried and just didn't feel good enough to clean it up. So now today I have to do it and I tell ya when I walked in here and looked I wanted to cry.. LOL.....
This is the real world of crafting. So now you can see just what my desk looks like each time I do a new project. You only get to see the finished project not the mess that comes with it. LOL
So here is a peek..
I bet you would wanna cry also!!
The upside to this is tomorrow morning the at 4am Eastern time is the Magnolia-Licious Holiday Blog hop!!
You will get to see so many wonderful projects. You are sure to be inspired!
So remember at 4am tomorrow EASTERN time hop on over to the Magnolia-licious blog to start hopping.
Okay, I have got to get this cleaned up so I can make a new mess.
tee hee hee
Have a great day!!


Sammy said...

This is what my desk permanently looks like, lol. x

Debbie said...

Ha Ha. Oh Janny, what are we like. I have this big round table and yet I work on the smallest area you have ever seen. It starts off big and gets smaller and smaller as the week goes on. Like you I come to tidy up and could cry. Mind you yours does not look anywhere near as messy as mine! hope that helps! lol

Anonymous said...

This mess is here also after crafting. I think everyware.

Gr. Mia

Juls said...

Now that's a true crafters desk!!! We all the same, thanks 4 sharing!! Hugs Juls

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

The best creative ideas are born in kaos
your desk looks fantastic
hugs Tamara

Loz said...

I wish I could make a mess! But with sticky little hands that love to cut EVERYTHING with scissors I need to pack up and lock up every time! I actually have messy-desk-envy lol x

Julie P said...

I must admit, my mess was not confined to my desk while creating my Holiday hop project, it was all over the floor too, LOL But it was definitely worth it, All cleaned up now ready for the next creation
Can't wait for the Hop!!
Hugs julie P

Sonia Kertznus said...

Are you sure that's messy? looks pretty organized to me... should see my desk... jaja..SK :)

(Would love to get a hold of the marker organizer. Where did you buy it from if you do not mind me asking?)