Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #68??? and A PROJECT!!

Good morning all of my blogging friends!!!
Today I thought that I would do something different for me.
I hope it's fun for you!!!
I thought that I woul play

I hope you have a cup of tea or coffee. It might take a few minutes as I have taken photos of my not so clean room to show you!!! LOL

I do have a fun project to show you!!

Well this first picture is as you walk in my room/studio.
yep, that is my loyal furbee friend laying under my workdesk. His name is Laynie and he is everywhere my feet are!! LOL.
He lays under my workdesk by my feet as long as I sit there. And he follows me everywhere I move it. Right on my heels. If I stop he bumps into me!! LOL..

Well let get a little closer to my workdesk.As you can see I have my computer on the desk by the wall so I just have to turn around from what I am working on and it's right there. Next to it if you look close I have my sewing mahine.. It has to be VERY VERY close as I do use it on ALMOST EVERYTHING!!

Now let get behind my desk and see what I have on it.

As you can see not much on it.. as far as work in progress!! Not even a cup of coffee!!
You can see my copic marker in those little buckets to the left. OH HECK WHAT A MESS THAT has become since I have over 100 of them now!! But in the next photo that is going to change!!

I am so excited to show you this!!!!!!
Now look at my new holder for my Copic markers!!!!
OH MY GOSH I am so excited!!!!
This little gem came from Michelle's Scrapbooking and more if you want to pick one up. They are now a tad pricey BUT OH SO WORTH IT!!!!
Look I even have a cup of coffe this morning!!

Let's get a little closer look at it..
Should we????
sorry all of the photos are so dark. It is so gloomy and raining outside! But it has cooled off just a tad. Anything under 100 degree is welcome !!
Don't you just LOVE IT????
Okay so you are asking me what is it that I have on the top?
Well I will tell you.
I have put my candle on the left and Halloween Magnolia card in the middle that can be seen in a post below and the cute Edwin on the bottle well that is my hand sanitizer!!
Now let's get that down and talk about it.. As that is my project for today!
This is a refillable bottle of hand sanitizer and it was so plain and ugly so I decided the other day to fix that!!! heheheheheeeeee
I have colored him with my copic markers and watercolor pencils. I have cut him out and I CUT THE TULIPS OFF. I thought that he would look so shy and cute with his hands behind his back like he was trying to hide them because they are dirty.. LOL...
I have added a band of papers around the bottle from my scrap bag and added 2 different trims and a cute little checked bow!!
Now just how cute it that???
No more ugly old well used bottle sitting on my table!!!
If you click on the link above it will take you to Magnolia-Licious to purchase this little cutie..

Okay now let's move on around my room a bit.
If I am sitting at my work table the closet with tons of papers and just stuff is CRAMMED in there!! LOL.. OH BOY what a mess!!! But it all an organized mess as I do know where everything is!! LOL....
both sides look the same so only a photo of the one side today.

next if I am sitting at my work table I have these long cute shelves that house alot of my things. As you can see I have a ton of junk on top of there right now. Things that need to do and things that I need to ship out!

To the far left you will see that I have 2 cabinets.
Oh and just what do I keep in them???
Let's go have a peek..

The top one has a lot of my paper flowers in it. In little easy to take out clear buckets.
If you look to the left of there you will see that I have SOME of my ribbon on a ribbon rack that my WONDERFUL HUBBY made for me years ago. Love that thing also!!

So what is in the bottom cabinet??
and boy what a mess that is!!!!!

Well I have to tell you that this was fun and the first time that I have played the WOYWDW.

I hope you have enjoyed your trip around my little room/studio.

Just to see how many of you have read through the post.. Let's play a little game.
I have a secret package of fun little goodies here for someone that leaves me a comment.
I will pick a number out of a hat and post the winner to my blog on Saturday with my Magnolia Down Under DT card.

Have a very WONDERFUL HUMP DAY and I will be back tomorrow with my card for Colour Create Challenge Blog!!
BIG HUGS, Janiel


Marley said...

Ohhhh you have a beautiful room Janiel!! I really loveeee it.. I wish I had one! But I'm still a student so I live at home so I have to do it with the dinnertable LOL! Great storage for your copics too.. I love it! I really do LOL and you have lots and lotsss of paper!! xxMarley


Hi Janiel, looking at this post, my hubby was gonna call the doctor because I had turned GREEN! LOL! It is brilliant x Leigh x

Farida Rone said...

OMG!!!! your room is so wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing.

judie said...

What a great space, so much stash

thanks for the snoop
judie xx

Stressed Stamper said...

OMG - its a shop!!!!..HOW much stuff????and soooo organised...I am sooooo green...Yes I am in a mood now with my tiny space...its just not fair...Love the hand wash idea...
Sarah #5

jenny said...

Wow! What a fabulous craft room!! Everything a girl could need and more :) Love it!!
Thanks for letting us take a peek x

Jenny xx

Crafts2do4fun said...

WOW!lovely craft room, the marker storage unit and all the other storage units are really great.

Renkata said...

wow Janiel your room is like a store, full with sweet stuff :) for crafting. Love it!

dolcreations said...

That is a store Janiel...a beautiful store! I love the little fur ball that keeps you company.I actually have a black lab that does the same thing! I love your copic marker holder,I have one too that I LOVE! I love how you display your works of art! And that paper....I thought I was bad, now I feel much better.( I will have to show hubby so he feels better too) Have a wonderful day, and thank-you for inviting us into your creative space!

PaulaM said...

GREAT space to create in! WOW - you almost have a STORE full of Copics!! Love your project. TFS

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed guided tour Janiel, but if you think this is messy you should see mine most if the time. I have moments of madness when I go on a spree and tidy up, change containers etc, but for the most part...yep it's messy lol.
That storage container for your Copics is brilliant, I wish I could find something suitable here in Aussie....(think I'm dreaming)

mustavcoffee said...

Hello there Janiel and welcome to WOYWW, it's lovely to see you here and WOW that's some craft room you have there and it's so organised and tidy, I'm impressed! Love your soap bottle it's gorgeous, naughty Edwin needs to wash those filthy hands Ha ha ha!
I'm totally green about your Copic storage mine are still in the original boxes and I keep hearing differing stories about how they should be stored:) Thank you for sharing your lovely workspace :0) xx

RubyM:) said...

Oh girl your too funny lol! I had fun touring your room.You have so much space compare to me.I have a corner in my dining room sniff sniff,LOl! Everything is closer so that works but it is definatley crammed up lol!

Your dog loves you how sweet!

Your project is brilliant,cute,funny and adorable lol!!

What an awsome room wish i could join you to play,RubyM:)

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, your 'studio' is awesome! No wonder you can make such beautiful things in there. It's all so well organized really. I love to see all your ribbon there in all it's glory! I don't even have half of that...great job photographing all of it and sharing with us...hugs...Barb

Iris said...

Oh my Janiel! Your room is awesome and soooooooo much stuff...WOW! lol
Thanks for sharing.

And I love what you did with the little hand sanitizer bottle. Edwin looks gorgeous!


angel4031 said...

Janiel I love your project & your room Im sitting in a pool of drool here.....when can I come & visit you??? LOL x x x

celia said...

Little room!!? Woauw Janiel wat een pracht van een werkkamer!Nu begrijp ik hoe het komt dat je zo een prachtige werkjes maakt!Zo een rommel is het nu ook niet hoor,bij mij ligt het net zo...of is het dan alleen bij ons een rommeltje...LOL!
Die kast met!Het rek met de!De papierkasten wow!Alles is gewoon wow!
Heel veel plezier in deze hobbykamer en ik hoop nog veel mooie werkjes te kunnen zien!
Heel veel liefs,Celia.
BTW...ik las je bericht helemaal...LOL!

Danielle said...

Wow Jan, what a fabulous craft room you have! And clearly I'm not the only one with a paper addiction, LOL!!! It's so fab to snoop around other peoples' craft rooms!! And I love your hand sanitizer projet - so cute!
Hugs, Danielle

Sue said...

Hi ya Jan
wow what a lovely crafty space, lots og goodies luv the copics holds looks fabulous,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(3)

Candy said...

Fabulous room! So much table space to work at. LOVE how you have so much paper storage. Your ribbons - Oh my! They are so many but so pretty out for everyone to see!
LOVE your copic storage - must look into that. Look at all those flowers too :o)
Great that your fur baby follows you around - mine too. Their love is precious.

Anonymous said...

You're such a lucky girl, your scrap room is awesome!!!I wish I had that many things of flowers!! Thank you so much for the tour, it was super fun. Your hand sanitizer looks adorable now!

Corinne said...

Thanks for the tour around your craft room, so well organized too. You have given me some ideas for mine as we are in the process of setting it up. Love how you dressed up the bottle of hand sanitizer with Edwin, he turned out really nice.

Angelwood said...

Oh wow, Janiel! That is one fantastic and ORGANIZED crafting space! Hey! I have that copic marker holder, isn't it awesome! But my room is not nearly as organized LOL! I need to find time to organize my space. I love that big closet you have! WOW!

Can't forget that adorable project you made with Edwin. How clever to decorate the hand sanitizer bottle. Beautiful job! hugs, Angela

Lizzybobs said...

welcome to the fold - I am loving your craft space room studio - well anyone in their right mind would love your room thanks for sharing with us and hope you have a good week - love Liz (24)

Astrid said...

Wow you have a great room Jan.
I lived in a little house at the sea and my room is 1,5 by 2 meters. Also very nice.
My room is on a parchment magazine as the smallest hobbyroom in the Netherlands.hihihihih
So your room is very nice and you have it very orgenazed. And you have a very nice piece for your copics.
Hugs Astrid

Sharon Keanly said...

Oh my goodness me, thanks for giving us a little peek at where you play Janiel. What a stunning craftroom. I'd love to come play... hugs Sharon

Helen said...

Your room looks HUGE. You either live in an enormous house, or you have been very careful how you took the photos. Thanks for sharing - you are so lucky!! (19)

Sarah Youde said...

OMG! Stash envy alert, love your room - thanks for the tour :)

Sarah (57)

bex said...

Thanks for sharing your room with us! I'm sooo jealous, my scrapbook area is my dinning table but I'm hoping to get a small dedicated scappy place soon!! x

Vicky said...

COOOOOOL this room is big enough for 2, thats just fantastic roomy I'm moving in pmsl. FAB FAB room I could do with some of that storage for my papers I have a huge addiction so have lots & zillions lol. Love your hand sanitizer may pinch that idea from you hunni lol....if I may of course lol.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Tertia said...

You have an amazing space! I could come over there to play and never leave again! Pity you live on the other side of the world.

Sharon Caudle said...

Your room looks awesome, Janny! Love your bottle of hand sanitizer! Fabulous idea! Thanks for letting us have a look around!
hugs, Sharon

Vicka M said...

What a nice room with all those beautiful things and craft matirials!! Thank you so much foe sharing and I had a blast looking at everything! I also like your little friend on the flor - so faithful, so cute! LOL!

Sinikka said...

So much fun to see your room. Thanks....I'm not the only one with a lot of stuff. And even I know where I put everything.
Like the bottle for your hand sanitizer!! This would be a great gift. So I have to keep it in mind.
Thanks for sharing al the pictures! Give your dog a hug.
Sinikka :-)

ChickieChirps said...

Thanks so much for sharing your space with us! Wow it looks so organised and tidy! I love your new copic marker holder and what a sweet husband to make such a great ribbon rack!!!


Kat said...

What a nice room you have with lots of lovely storage. Love your Copic storage. Love that cute little Edwin on your hand sanitizer.

Kat xx

Daniele said...

I can't believe how much stash you have and its so beautifully organised.....lovely Tilda projects
hugs from Daniele 29

angelwhispers said...

Well you said it was messey I just thought my god I'm so jealous just love all the storage you have and wow what a lot of stash!!!

The ribbon holder looks amazing and so much yummy ribbon, the glass jars well they just look like a sweet shop, the copic holder I need one but where from? wonder if I can pick one up in England!!

The art work on the wall just look fabulous and all your beautful cards dotted around you room!! It's just amazing and if you'd like someone to come and help tidy give me a call!!! lol Love Chanellle xx

Forgot love Laynie no craft room should be without it's four legged friend!!! xxx

Nancy said...

Oh, I am so envious. Your room is so wonderfully organized and I love the sweet dog too! What a good job you have done of giving everything a home and a place. I so wish I had an extra room. BTW, the dispenser make over is great!

Tracy said...

Your crafting space is totally amazing, what i wouldn't give to get in there and play all day. Now I can see why your creations are so gorgeous, you have wonderful surroundings in which to make your art.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

joey said...

Hiya Hunny

I feel so guilty hun I owe you a card and I just have not got around to it and arrrrgh. It will be on its way shortly!

Your room is gorgeous hun I am drooling over your new copic holder how easy is that to find the one you want, wouldnt take me long I dont have many hahahaha. And your paper cupboard lol its not just me who has a crammed cupboard!

Love your holder its so pretty!

Pam said...

What a wonderful organized room of goodies you have. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love all the cards you create!

FitterTwit said...

Janiel... I LOVE it!!! The new Copic rack ROCKS and I don't think I've EVER seen a flower collection quite like you've got! I was salivating through the whole post! ;) hahahahahahaha!

Paula said...

What an amazing array of goodies - love your companion & HOW do you keep your floor so clean, mine normally looks like a snowstorm. An amazing array of ribbons & flowers & I love how it is all arranged. That Copic storage system looks ideal too. Thanks for a lovely peek & the chance of a little candy too.
Paula - PEP (113)

bdovin said...

I just love your studio everything in there is a treasure, and it is all arranged perfectly. All I can say is Wow!! I love your cards and projects that you make!!!!

LINDA W. said...

OMGoodness...Thank you for a tour of your
studio...I wished that I had as much room
to work in....and so much goodies to work with
TFS Hugs Linda

Zoe said...

Wow I am so envious - your room is fabulous and oh so clean!!! I LOVE the idea of decorating your hand sanitizer bottle! I might have to do the same with mine. :) Thanks for sharing your space. hugs xxoo

Jodi said...

I absolutely loved how you have organized your room! Very nice to see how everyone stores things and keeps it all together!! What a cute altered soap bottle you have created!
Jodi =)

Norma said...

Oooh Janny, your craft room is so organized. And so neat! A place for everything and everything in its place. Does it stay that way when you’re in the middle of creating a card? Do you put your tools, punches, etc. back right away after each use? I tend to clutter my craft table when I’m working. I start with a clear table, but as I work, my clear space slowly diminishes to about one square foot…LOL.



Wow, they certainly saved the best desk for last! I've enjoyed visiting your work area. Certainly needed a cup of coffee to visit.

Sheila said...

You lost me at the first picture! I love your room. Major case of room envy....

Ilissa said...

WOW new to your blog but I just loved the tour of your room. And your creations are beautiful!!

Anita S. said...

Janny, I think those new drawers look great under the window! Aren't you glad I told you about them :0) !

Karen said...

OMGOSH Janiel Thanks for the tour of your Crafty room!! I'm a little green checking out your paper stacks... OMG so jealous!! hahaha Your copic holder is awesome, I just got something to put my copics in the other day too!!! hahahah Oh boy I love your ribbon holder, and your flower cupboard!! So Fantastically Awesome:-)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

your whole work space and all the goodies you have is AMAZING! and everything is so neat and organized! i'm kinda speechless!
happy WOYWW
peggy #37

cathylynn said...

Thanks for the tour of your studio. Wow so organized!! You always create such marvelous works of art and now we all know where it happens. Great idea for the hand sanitizer!!

Tracy V. said...

Love your room Jan! It's so cute. You have some really great storage space too. I have to re-do mine. I have space, but it is not organized at the moment! I have to check out that Copic holder too! Super nice!! Cute idea for the hand santizer. I should do that for the one I keep here at work!

Charlotte said...

I'm so envious of your room. I love how organized it is. My work room is so small and right now very unorganized. You have some great ideas for storage.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I've just passed out in delight!

Brenda (88)

Bonnie said...

Thank you for the tour of your craft room. I have one also, but it's not nearly as organized. You have inspired me to work on that. Your cards are beautiful. I love the added embellishments. Hugs!

Kathy Gerace said...

Oh, Janny, I am SOOOO jealous! Your room is drop dead gorgeous. I love all the different ways you have stored things using every tiny bit of space! Just love it:-)
Edwin covering the hand saintizer is a great idea and very clever.
Kathy Gerace

Spyder said...

oh wow, you have a fabulous crafting room, in fact, it's not a crafty room it's a shop! (Over here our crafty shops are a tad smaller than your space!!) Have a great woyww, sorry I'm late!

cabio's craft corner said...

Beautiful and organize craftroom. Very roomy and neat. Mine on the other hand is like a war zone, lol.

Julia Dunnit said...

W O W!! My head is spinning - you have so much stash and it's so beautifully organised and arranged! Ilike your copic collection and congrats on the new holder - but pass over that - the ribbon! And how many flowers? Do you work this neat too?

Candace said...

completely gobsmaked at the amount of stash you have - you must feel like you are in heaven everytime you go in your room

Thanks for sharing Hugs Candace #43

Juls said...

so so lovely to see your crafty space! Lovely to see where all your crafty magic happens! Hugs juls

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Welcome to WOYWW. I'm so glad I came. I didn't expect a giveaway since it's YOUR first time and all. You have the most amazing work space. I clicked to see how "pricey" the copic marker holder was and was shocked. I would say yes, it's very pricey, but what do I know? I don't even own any of them. As for your other areas, the photo with the ribbon storage and paper flowers in jars is just TOO gorgeous for words. I would love to come and play. I hope you will come back often, because you have a fabulous work desk and crafting areas.

I'm not even going to apologize for being late, even though it's your first time. That's especially true since I'm number 2 this week. It's really all YOUR FAULT. I got totally distracted by everything in your studio!

paperpapier said...

oh my have a "Craft Store" instead, full of yummy crafting goodies! Even some of our local craft stores I been to do not carry as much crafting tools/papers as you. Love to spend crafting time in your studio...(lol)...
hugs, heaney