Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good morning................

No card for me today. I have been working on some creations but just can't show you yet. I am on my way to work for about 4 hours today on my day OFF! Yep my day off!! Am I crazy?!?! yep!!! but I have so much paperwork that I can't find my desk! The good thing is I am going to go to Ikea after I get done to pick up a few things for my craft studio! Yippeeeeee I hope to get this room reorganized this evening so that I can create. It is such a mess since I tore it all apart to reorganize that it's hard to be creative. I like to be organized.

I did want to get this award passed on today. And thank Juls from the Glitter Chick for passing it on to me. I was so honored when I got the award from her. When I read all of the wonderful things she wrote about me. I just about fell from my chair!! She made my day!! Thanks again Juls!! If you have not been over to Juls blog stop by and say hi and look at her amazing pieces of art. It will be worth the trip.

It is extremely hard to just choose one person to pass this award to. But, the person that I have chosen is Kathy at Distressed Stamper. Her blog is always inspiring. She always has the most beautiful creations. Kathy's blog is one of the first blogs that I would visit regularly when I started blogging back in April.( I still do go there regularly) Kathy is very charming and funny she always puts a smile on my face with her artwork and her little comments that she leaves on my blog. Thank you Kathy for being my blogging friend and always inspiring me. I am leaving this award for you...........

The following 'Rules' are applicable for this award:
1 - Forward this award to one person only.
2 - State why you give this award to that persons blog
3 - Have you been given this award for the 2nd time - No 1&2 are applicable
4 - Mention rules when passing on this award.

Enjoy your award sweetie...

Well I need to get going but I will see you all in the morning.
Have a blessed day,


Kathy said...

WOW thank you so much Janny!! I am so touched that of all the talented ladies out there that you have thought of me!!! Thanks ~ it really means alot to me!! Oh you have made my day!!!
AND Congrats to you for receiving the award as well!!! Your blog is fabulous and your creations are just gorgeous!! I really cannot wait to see your sneak peeks for Sugar Nellie lucky gal!!
Anyways thanks again so so much!! I am tickled pink!!
Have a fabulous day today!! I already am :)

judith@poppy cottage said...

Thank you for your kind comment Janny it meant a lot to me, hugs Judith x

Chris said...

Yuk, working on your day off, not fun but hope your got your craft goodies and sorted out afterwards. Well done on the award and it's so nice that you passed it to Kathy, she's the sweetest of the sweet. Hugs, Chris x