Thursday, May 14, 2009


good morning everyone!!!!!!!!!!

No cards to post today!! I have been busy putting all of my stamps in storage instead. I have stamps all over and they take up sooooooooo much room. So I searched for different ideas for storage that would be convenient and inexpensive for me. This is what I came up with along side of my 3 ring bind with the sheets of 4 x 6 slots in it. I seen this idea somewhere and decided that it would be best for me. So I wanted to share. I just wish I could remember where I heard/seen this so I could give proper credit.

First of all you need a jewel case.... I have pictures the ones that I have used. You CAN'T use the slim jewel cases they will not work for this. First thing you will need to open up and remover the CD hold from the inside of the case and just toss it into the trash as you will not be needing it for anything. After you remove the CD holder from the inside...the spine will have a small opening on it. I feel that this will help the stamps to breath a bit.

put your stamps into the cd case. Get as many as you can for a good fit. They will stick just like they do on a acrylic block. (sorry for the glare on the photos)

Then cut a piece of cardstock to fit the front of the holder and stamp your images on it. Put into holder so that it is easy to find the stamps when you want to use them. I also will be putting a label on the spine of the cd with names of the stamps inside. So at a quick glance I will be able to find easier.

the finished holder and a stack of 3.. I think I am going to love this!!!

Not sure if I'm going to put into a CD tower that turns or just stack these against the wall on my table.
I hope this will help some of you that have storage problem also.

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Vicky said...

Thanks for sharing your stamp storage ideas with us Jan. I use these CD cases to store my nesties in as well!
Hugs, Vicky x

Anonymous said...

fantastic idea, I have so many stamps, not sure I would get my hands on enough cases !

shaz*crafts said...

I did exactly the same thing last week but I used the CD cases I already had and put all my old discs into a fabric wallet it takes up alot less space in the house.

Alex said...

Great storage idea, thanks for sharing.

Alex from England x

Michelle said...

Jan I have about 2 dozen cases sitting here waiting for me to do something with them!